14 May, 2012

St. Patrick's Day 2012 (Video)

Can you tell yet that I'm catching up on posting witchy things? I was afraid no one would pay attention to these blogs, so I stopped paying attention. Now I'm doing it anyway, because I know at least a few people saw it.

So this is a video from St. Patrick's Day. I do daily vlogs sometimes--and when I say "daily vlog" I don't mean I sit and talk to the camera every day, I'm referring to the days when I record everything I did that day and tell you about it briefly. St. Patrick's Day 2012 I did just this, in order to share what THIS pagan (/neopagan/Wiccan, let's not worry about labels) did on a holiday celebrating the man who supposedly ousted paganism from the country. I think it's good to see how we treat days like this.

VIDEO: What A Pagan Does on St. Patty's Day

And now, strangely enough, I've just recently come back from England where I went to a lot of pagan-related places AND a lot of Christian places, including Glastonbury Abbey which includes St. Patrick's Chapel. How does one feel about that? Well, alright. Not terrible. Because even in a Christian place, like St. Michael's Tower on the Tor, you can feel what really matters: the interconnectedness of everything and everyone.

Later on, I'll blog about many of my experiences in England, the Tor being one of the most moving, and you'll see more what I mean.


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