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You're here because you want a card reading, and something brought you to me as the reader. I believe that anyone can receive and interpret messages from the Universe, but not everyone is interested in using that particular skill, or just hasn't begun yet. I've been developing my skill for years now, and consider interpretation of symbols to be one of my "special talents." I read the cards from a combination of symbolism and intuition: getting to know the cards and their stories, and listening to what they tell me about the situation at hand.

If that sounds like it resonates with you, please read on to find out what you get in a reading with me, and to learn more about the types of readings I offer. See main features of the decks I read, and then find the spread that's right for you!

When you get a reading from me, you will receive the following in an email:
  • Reading notes/interpretation.
  • A photo of the spread/reading.

These readings are spiritual in nature. They are not simply a "game," but they are also meant to be fun and light-hearted. They should not be taken as rigid decision-makers for your life, and are not a replacement for professional medical, legal, or other advice where those realms come into play. The cards may be used as a tool for insight and development, but are guides along the journey, not the unchangeable road-map to your destination. You are the ultimate authority on your life!

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The Decks:
I have a handful of decks that I read. A short description of each follows. You may choose the one you like, unless the reading specifies a certain deck I use for it. If you don't have a preference, I will choose based on which seems best for your reading.

Pictured, top to bottom, left to right:

The Celtic Tarot
The Goddess Tarot
Celtic Messages (Oracle)
The Fairy Ring Oracle

The Fairy Ring Oracle (Franklin & Mason)
  • This is the deck I've been working with for years and have the most experience with.
  • Four suits represent the four seasons, plus eight "Fairy Festival" cards representing the eight Sabbats (the Festival cards are removed for some spreads).
  • Cards depict fey beings, generally the versions from European folklore.
  • I read this deck by connecting the stories of the characters depicted in the cards to their position in the reading, considering the lesson taught by the Being pictured. Expect some story-telling as well as some connection of the symbolism from my experience.

Celtic Messages Oracle (Joules Taylor)
  • A colorful deck depicting Celtic symbolism.
  • Divided into four suits: Helpers (Deities and Heroes), Places, Tools, and Totems (animal guides).
  • I always make sure to do my own reading with this deck each Midsummer for an overview of the coming year.
  • The only deck used for the Endless Knot reading, which was written for this deck.

The Fairy Ring oracle, Celtic Messages oracle

The Celtic Tarot (Courtney Davis)
  • Tarot deck (Major and Minor Arcana)
  • Celtic legend and lore depicted by the cards.
  • This deck will be read completely from "what the cards say to me," intuitive interpretation rather than traditional Tarot meanings.
  • Expect some story-telling quality as that is my nature, but with this deck, expect much more abstract representations and intuitive connections, and please expect for it to be different than any traditional Tarot meanings.

The Goddess Tarot (Kris Waldherr)
  • Tarot deck, but with a matriarchal twist. The Queen is the highest card in the suit.
  • The author/artist describes it as "a celebration of the Divine Feminine."
  • Goddess-centered. I've been told it works best when reading for women (as you identify).
  • The Major Arcana depicts Goddesses from all over the world, while the Minor Arcana's four suits tell the story of four Goddesses and the path suggested by her energy: Venus, Isis, Lakshmi, and Freyja.
  • I read this deck from story of the Goddess, and from intuition, not necessarily traditional Tarot meanings. As a non-traditional deck, some things differ, either way.

The Celtic Tarot, The Goddess Tarot

Find the spread that's right for you at this time.

Need something focused, quick, and direct?
Try a single card reading! One card, perfect for a general overview or immediate focus on an issue.
Single Card Reading - $5.00 USD - (Choose any deck.)


Want something simple, but with a little more context?

Past, Present, Future: Laid out left to right, representing past influences, present circumstances, and future concerns. The future in all these spreads refers to the likely future that your current path may lead to. It is entirely possible to change it. You are the ultimate authority on your own life.
Past, Present, Future 3-card reading - $10.00 USD - (Choose any deck.)

Extended "Past, Present, Future": I like to do this one when I still want something relatively "quick and easy" but wish to go a little more in-depth. Five cards, laid out left to right, represent the Distant Past, Recent Past, Present, Near Future, and Distant Future.
Extended PPF, 5-card spread - $20.00 USD - (Choose any deck.)


Do you want something similar to a traditional tarot spread?

Of course! I have a few options for that:

** The Fairy Ring: This is one of the spreads written by the authors of The Fairy Ring, but can be used with any deck. Similar to a traditional Tarot spread, it only uses eight cards, and looks at your current situation, weaknesses and strengths that affect it, obstacles, and so on. The authors describe the spread as "an overview of your life trends, and insight on how best to move forward."
Fairy Ring 8-card spread - $25.00 USD - (Choose any deck.)

The Celtic Cross: Probably the most commonly known "traditional" tarot spread. Using ten cards, this spread covers past, present, and future influences, obstacles, hopes and fears, and so on.
Celtic Cross 10-card spread - $30.00 - (Choose Celtic Tarot or Goddess Tarot)

** The Fairy Mound: Written for The Fairy Ring but will use any deck. Even more expanded than the Celtic Cross spread, this spread is also for a detailed overview of life trends, but includes some other, more specific areas such as spiritual concerns, mental processes and emotions, practical matters, and karmic events.
The Fairy Mound 13-card spread - $35.00 USD - (Choose any deck.)


Maybe you're seeking guidance from the fairies...

Wildfolk Guides: (**Fairy Ring Oracle deck.**) This spread I feel does need to use this particular deck because it's all about your fairy guides and who is available to help you. This spread helps identify and access those fae energies that will help you throughout your life. (Fairy Festival cards are not used for this spread.)
Wildfolk Guides 7-card spread - $20.00 USD - Fairy Ring Oracle deck only.


Are you looking for an overview of the whole year to come, from now, until this time next year? *Can be done any time of year!

The Solar Wheel/Wheel of the Year: Written for the Celtic Messages deck, but I will use either Oracle deck. In this nine-card spread, the first represents you at the present moment. The following eight cards represent the next eight Sabbats from the time of the reading, covering the whole next year. I do this reading for myself every Midsummer.
(Please let me know if you're in the northern or southern hemisphere so I know which Sabbat is next for you!)
Solar Wheel 9-card spread - $35.00 USD - (Choose The Fairy Ring oracle or Celtic Messages oracle.)

**13 Moons: Similar to the Solar Wheel/Wheel of the Year, this spread looks at the next year. But the 13 Moons spread aligns itself with the lunar cycle, rather than the solar calendar. Each card represents a Full Moon in the coming year's time. I begin this spread with the next Full Moon from the time of the reading, so that the first card will refer to the next month ahead. Incorporates Astrology, Elemental energies, and cultural Moon Names, as well as meanings of the cards. Also uses a layout I created.
(Please let me know if you're in the northern or southern hemisphere so I know which Moon Names to incorporate!)
13 Moons spread - $50.00 USD - (Choose any deck.)


And finally, if you're looking for a unique spread to delve into who you are, or who you want to become...

**The Endless Knot: (**Celtic Messages deck ONLY.**) A spread written specifically for the Celtic Messages deck, and at this point I find that the most accurate system, so I will keep it only to that deck for this spread. The Endless Knot can be read two ways: One option is for discovering who you are, both in inner and outer circles; The second option is for looking at who you want to become, and what changes and energies can help you reach that goal. So for this spread, let me know whether you want to look at
Option 1: Who I Am, or **Option 2: Who I Want to Become.
Endless Knot spread - $40.00 USD - Celtic Messages deck only.


** Readings with this marking are currently my most popular! Updated February 2017.
Fairy Ring, Fairy Mound - most popular 2016.
13 Moons and Endless Knot Option 2 - most popular so far in 2017.


Don't see what you need here, or not sure which is best?
If you have a little more time, you can contact me via email at, or on my Facebook page to inquire about other spreads. Tell me a little about your question/situation, and I'll either let you know which reading here I think would work best, or pull from one of the many other spreads I could do that are not listed here. Or, if it would be best, I can design a brand new spread for you. I love doing that for myself when the spreads just aren't exactly right... Just keep in mind, that process may take a bit longer!


~ I'm ready for my reading! ~

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3) In the "Add a Note" section on the final confirmation page, tell me which reading you chose, which deck (if applicable/if you have a preference), and a little about the situation! Do you want to focus on your job, family life, relationships, your spiritual path? You can also get a general reading & see what comes up on its own. Include the email address you want the reading sent to IF it is different than the one associated with your PayPal account. Otherwise, I will send it to the email on the account you used.
Sample Notes: 
Fairy Ring spread. Fairy Ring oracle deck. General reading. Email on my account is fine! Thanks! 
Fairy Mound spread. Choose whatever deck you feel best to look into my spiritual path! Email on my account. =) 
13 Moons, Goddess Tarot. This is my parents' PayPal account, so please send to my personal email: [your preferred email address] Thank you!

4) Double check, and submit!

That's it!

PayPal sends me an email notification, and then I'll do your reading and send it to you via email. It will come from, so make sure it doesn't go into spam! It will include a text interpretation of the spread, and photos of the spread, and a "key" showing which card is which, so you can follow along.

Thanks & Blessings~


Some kind words from previous recipients of my readings (shared with permission):

"Thank you for both readings. I really appreciate you taking the extra time for an additional reading. [...] I found your second reading particularly interesting. [...] That provides me, a renewal of energy and strength that I will need to make it through.
May there be peace and prosperity in your Life!"

"Thank you, Cara! Your reading has given me a whole new perspective on a few places in my life, very insightful! I very rarely have cards read for me and your voice was clear here, I was reading these messages and then playing out their advice or warnings in my head and the multiple consequences stretched out before me.
Thank you again for taking the time to read your cards for me, I hope you continue on in your own tarot and oracle journey [...] I just want to assure you that you have a natural talent for this.
Brightest Blessings x"