13 March, 2021

Witch Trials Memorials video resources

Hello, all!

This post is the resource list from my video about Witch Trials memorials. I will be doing another video about other witch trials I learned about this past week, so there may be some overlapping resources, but this one is just the resources I used for the Memorials video.

The resources should mostly be in the order here that I mentioned them in the video, except the statue from Virginia is in the USA section, though it wasn't mentioned until the end of the video along with the statue from Ireland.

Images in this post (same as in the video) are from the sites linked here. For ease of citing sources I only used images from these articles.

Watch my Witch Trials Memorials video here!


Resources and links:


Salem, Massachusetts

Salem Hanging Site memorial:

"The Site of the Salem Witch Trial Hangings Finally Has a Memorial"

July 2017 - Smithsonianmag.com

Salem Hanging Site memorial in Salem, MA. Semi circle low stone wall at the base of a hill. Names carved into stones throughout. Oak tree sapling growing in the center.
Salem Hanging Site memorial, Salem, MA.
Dedicated July 2017.

10 January, 2021

Death & Dying (Pagan Resources)

Hey, Readers,

This post has been sitting in my Drafts folder here for the past year, just about. 2020 saw a lot of unnecessary death, and though I had been planning to share this beforehand, once certain events occurred last year, it no longer seemed appropriate timing to share. On the other hand, maybe some people would have considered it the perfect time to discuss death and dying and grief resources, but to me it felt like it may be construed as "using" the situation to seem relevant, get more views, or whatever. It truly just wasn't the best timing. So I've saved this post, and now, here it is.

Early last year, someone wrote to someone I work with, asking for help finding information about Pagan beliefs and practices around death and grief. The questions were forwarded on to me, and this was my response at the time. I saved it in case it could be helpful to others. Now it's been another year, and I'm sure there are other resources that can be mentioned (I think a few new books on the subject have come out more recently, though I haven't read them yet), but this was my answer as it stood at that time, early last year.

The Questions:
  1. What are beliefs about death and dying?
  2. What is the belief about autonomy or self-determination regarding treatment or end of life decision making? (Who makes treatment decisions, how much information does the dying person want, etc)
  3. What are the death rituals? Is there a focus on burial and/or cremation?
  4. How does bereavement play out -- are there expected practices after someone has died?
  5. Is there anything that individuals do in order to help with the grieving or bereavement process? (Ex. therapy, community organization)

And my response was as follows:

31 May, 2020

Anti-Racism Resources

Dear Everyone, really, but especially white people,

We all have a lot of work to do in the fight against systemic oppression, racism being one of the big systems of abuse and discrimination that is currently on everyone's minds, especially where police brutality against BIPOC (black indigenous people of color) communities is concerned. I have been posting some things on my Instagram, sharing MANY things from other people in my story there to amplify other voices, and I'm working on a video that will go up on my YouTube channel tonight (31 May 2020).

I wanted to put together a post here with links to some of the anti-racism resources for white people that I've been finding thanks to other people sharing them, so I can link people to all of these more easily and have them handy for my own future reference, as well as everyone else's. I will continue updating this occasionally as I collect more. Please share any more resources you have.


Anti-Racism Resources for White People: bit.ly/ANTIRACISMRESOURCES
This document includes resources for parents to teach anti-racism to children, podcasts to listen to, movies or videos to watch, articles and books to read, social media of organizations to follow, and more. There is a LOT here and I recommend starting here and going through it a bit at a time.

One of the articles I found via the large compiled document above: "75 Things White People Can Do for Racial Justice". #38 is decolonize your bookshelf, which is one thing I've been doing -- looking up all the authors whose books I own so I can see how many are white men, as opposed to women, POC, queer, trans*, gender non-conforming authors, and so on.


10 March, 2020

7 Days a Week, Pt. 2: Magick & the Planets

Hello again, Readers,

Welcome to Part 2 of this two-part blog mini-series! It's taken much, MUCH longer than I thought to get this second post together, and multiple people have asked me about daily magick and related things since I started working on it, so I'm excited to finally have it posted for everyone!

If you haven't yet, go back and read Part 1, Planets & Deity Names, which focused on explaining how the English names for the days of the week came about, and how they are related to the planets and various Deities. In this post, we will be taking the information from Part 1 and using it to determine the best magickal timing for certain types of spells or other workings, to set intentions that align with the planets and/or Deities, and so on.

Image by me, symbol images from solarsystem.nasa.gov

The days of the week as we know them in English are as follows:
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday.

These names are associated with the following "planets", respectively:
The Sun, the Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn.

In magick, we talk about a concept known as magickal timing, which is the process of choosing the "best time", according to various correspondences, to do a magickal working. Timing can include one, or a layering of many time-based associations, from the Moon phase, to the day of the week, even down to the hour of the day should you choose to delve that deep. In this post, we're focusing on the magick of the Days of the Week.

21 September, 2019

Saturn Returns course is back!

Hello! I'm excited to announce that the next Saturn Returns course is finally here!

We start on the 5th of October (a Saturday, of course). Registration ends on the 30th of September, and payments are offered at a sliding scale.

Click here to go to the Saturn Returns page to learn all about it!


31 May, 2019

7 Days a Week, Pt. 1: Planets & Deity Names

Hello, Readers,

As I've been reading through some beginner-Witch material again lately, I've started thinking again about basics--building blocks of magick, timing, simple things we can do everyday--and one of the things that came to my mind was timing and intention based on the day of the week. Many people know where our English names for the weekdays came from, but many people also still do not. I remember years ago, when I was first studying Paganism and Witchcraft, mentioning the origin of the days of the week to my mother, who had no idea! So I figure in 2019, maybe some other people still haven't had this come up for them, either. And even if you do know this naming origin stuff, a Part 2 of this post will be going up next, talking about using the planetary and/or Deity associations with the days of the week for deciding what kinds of magick to do on what days. If that is a sort of magickal timing you're interested in, look out for that post next.

Image by me, using symbol images from solarsystem.nasa.gov

Days of the Week: Planets & Deities

There are seven days in our calendar weeks, and this has been the case for centuries although it was not always that way. The Roman Empire was responsible for the shift sometime between the 1st and 3rd centuries, according to the Wiki article which I will link below with other sources. There were also seven "classical planets", or moving celestial bodies that, at the time, could be seen with the naked eye and were known to the astronomers of classical antiquity. We would not use the term "planet" for all of them today, as the definition has changed over the years. One of them is our Sun, which we know as a star. The other is our Moon, which we consider a "satellite" today because a planet would have to be orbiting the Sun directly, whereas our Moon orbits Earth.

These seven classical planetary bodies were the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. Earth was not included because, well, we live here. It was all about what we could see up in space from where we were.

27 April, 2019

Naming the Full Moons (in 2019)

Moon sticker on my mini laptop, which is also the
header photo in my Moon Magick group.
Hey, Readers & Moon lovers!

This was originally going to be a post in my Moon Magick group on Facebook (which you can request to join and I will, eventually, check the requests lol), but it quickly turned into FAR too long of a post for Facebook. It is, however, a fairly normal length (for me) long blog post. So here we are!

Earlier this year in the Moon Magick group, I shared two tables with the Full and New Moons for 2019. The original tables were generated from moontracks.com and the Full Moon one also includes some of the most commonly known "Full Moon names". As you see on the tables below, I have to adjust some of the times because my area uses Daylight Saving Time. The moontracks generator creates a table for any time zone you set it to (mine is Eastern time), but it doesn't adjust for DST, so I do that myself, looking up the dates it begins and ends and adjusting the Moon times between them. The changes I made are in blue.

I should also note that I started working on this post back in December 2018, to get ready for the new year. The moontracks generator begins from the time you're using it. If you look at it today, the day I'm posting this, it begins with the Moon in April. The New Moon table also didn't include the last New Moon of 2019, again I think because I generated the tables in December and it only goes so far. So I added in the info for the Dec. 26 2019 New Moon myself.

So what you see above are the original tables with my changes for Daylight Saving Time, and adding the last 2019 New Moon which wasn't on the generated table at the time I generated them.

06 March, 2019

Readings Page Update LAUNCHED!

Dear Readers,

My Readings page reboot is finally done! And live! Here it is! Ahhh!

If you also follow my YouTube and Instagram (possibly also mentioned this on my Facebook page, not entirely sure), then you know I've been working on redoing my Readings offerings for the new year. I wanted to have it done by January 1st, but personal life issues in December threw me way off. I started redoing the page in mid-February and was making great progress to have it done by the end of February to start out with March as the beginning of my Spring Quarter (that's a new thing, you'll read about it on the page!). But then February 28th, in the home stretch, all the work I had done that week was suddenly lost when the page--for some unknown reason of technology--reverted all the way back to original draft... It was a blow, for sure. I spent two hours that night trying to redo everything from that week, realized it was already after midnight and therefore officially March 1st, and decided I needed a break lol.

So I finally got back to finishing the page today, and IT'S DONE! FINALLY! The link is above. Just wanted to update you. So many hours creating the images, taking the photos and doing the editing, typing out the descriptions of decks, deciding which decks will be available each quarter, typing the descriptions of the readings... and it's finally ready for the public. <3 p="">

05 December, 2018

Gods, Grant Me Strength

Hey, Readers,

Before 2018 totally passes us by without another post from me, I figured I'd better write something up. I've been meaning to write again for a long time, but on one hand, it can be difficult to decide what should be a blog, as opposed to a Facebook post, Instagram post, YouTube video, private journal entry, or exclusive Patreon post. On the other hand... I haven't wanted to actually open up my mini laptop, sit in front of it, and type up a blog post.

As a matter of fact, I haven't wanted to do anything.

I thought the past few years were bad, but this year... well, it's been even harder. It's been one of the worst years of my life, in its own ways. It's also been one of the best.

As I approach the crux of my first Saturn Return, the effects of which I've definitely been feeling for some years now but the exact moment of which (when Saturn will be in the exact place it was at my birth, not just in the zodiac sign, which it entered last December--Capricorn, for those keeping track) doesn't occur for about another year yet, the challenges I find myself facing are only increasing.

21 February, 2018

I Am a Change-Maker

Hey, Readers,

Last month I posted a video going over the results from a viewer survey I posted about a year ago. Some of the questions I asked in the survey were about how people felt about the more political topics I had started to make some videos about, and in the video I responded to a few things I learned from the survey results. For example, some people said they don't understand why the political/justice related topics are relevant, and/or they don't think they belong on my channel. I explained briefly in said video, that my channel is about my life, and the identities I hold are part of my life. So when I talk about the LGBTQ+ community, I talk about my own place within it and my own experiences as a non-hetero person. When I talk about Paganism and Witchcraft, it is with the similar knowledge that I am sharing views from minority identities. There are more of us than people think, but Pagans ARE still a religious minority. And we get treated as such. I used to not think my life was political, and I "didn't like politics" (which, as a child, I thought of mostly as voting for Senators and the like, and voting for or against school tax levies).

Ever since starting my YouTube channel, however, I have made videos about my religious path and identity with the knowledge that this is a minority point of view. This is fringe. This is still widely and vastly misunderstood by many people.