09 February, 2016

Restricted Practice / Craft Without STUFF

Hey, Readers,

Someone asked me about a topic I know I've talked about in the past: Restricted practice of the variety where you live in a household with people who aren't welcoming toward Paganism, and maybe even won't allow any "trappings" of it in the house, whether this be Pagan books, crystals, incense, or even candles. To help them find where I've already talked about this, or the collab has, I went through my blog, YouTube channel, and the collab channel. I discovered that all the times I've talked about this have been on the PaganPerspective collab! I have no blog posts about this specific topic, nor have I talked about it much on my personal channel, at least not in specific. Probably I figured we talk about it on the collab every so often, so there's no need to cover it on my channel, as well.

But I do think there's more to say and more specifics to be said, or ways I can update what I've said previously. So that is now on my list. But until then, I've compiled some links here to videos I've done on the subject, one video that one of my old substitutes on the collab (Sissors) did, and links to the PaganPerspective BLOG list where you can find links to all the videos done that week. So here are some past resources to check out until I get to doing some new stuff!


Cara (paganperspective Year 2) - Spiritual Materialism (Practicing without STUFF)

Sissors (paganperspective Year 2) - General Restricted Practice (Living with parents, practicing at college/university where things are not allowed, etc.)

Also in Year Two, search "spiritual materialism" and "restricted practice" to find all the videos that all the hosts did on those two topics

Cara (paganperspective Year 5) - "This Is Not A Locked Door" (living situations that are not open/welcoming to Paganism)

Also in Year Five, July 2014, take a look at Week 49. "Living situations that are hostile to Paganism--belief and/or practice" to see all the videos that all the hosts did that week.