About the Author

Name(s): Cara (KAHR-uh), Cara Mia
Handle: cutewitch772
AGE: 26
Sun Sign: Leo
Approximate Location: Midwestern United States/Nerdfighteria
Education: B.A. Theatre Arts, various classes in other cool things.
Occupation: YouTube Content Creator, Etsy crafter/merchant, Actor/Director/Stage Manager.

Religious/Spiritual Path: Paganism, Witchcraft, Unitarian Universalism. See My Personal Path for more specifics.
Causes: LGBTQI+ rights, Human rights, Pagan rights, Women's rights, Animal rights, environmental issues.

Short Theatre-Style Bio:
Cara (Cara Mia, cutewitch772) is a twenty-six year-old cis-female from Ohio. She began making YouTube videos several years ago, and has grown to support a channel with over one million views and over 16,000 subscribers--she's very proud of and astonished by this. She is a practicing Pagan and Witch, Teacher and Priestess. Her channel and blogs reveal and share her interests in several areas including theatre arts, religion and spirituality, sexuality, t-shirt reconstruction, and more! Subscribe and watch her channel, read her blogs, and follow her elsewhere to learn more and stay in the loop.

Short Non-Weirdly Third Person Bio:
Hey, there! My name's Cara, and I'm 26, though I don't look it. I did that previous bio in theatre program style because I'm an actor, and my education has thus far lead me to a degree in Theatre Arts. I have been known to say that theatre and religion are my two main interests or driving forces, and they go together quite well.

I started making videos to share my views with others, to help those who may find my experiences helpful, and to interact with people of similar interests. I eventually found myself in the role of Teacher as well as Priestess, and now seek to be of greater service to the world through my spiritual work. I consider myself a people person, a cat person, a crafty/creative person, and also a mix of various other things. Introvert and Extrovert, for example, or Idealist and Realist. Despite how small I am, it's usually quite difficult to put me in a box.

Other Places to Find Me:

YouTube channels:
Etsy Shop: cutewitch772.etsy.com
Twitter: @cutewitch772
FB Page: facebook.com/cutewitch772
IG: @cutewitch772
Email: cutewitch772@yahoo.com


  1. "I'm 24, though I don't look it." You really don't :D, but that's a good thing!

  2. Hi cara! I just wanted to say that i was immediately drawn to your channel and you have helped me along my spiritual journey. I was equally as excited to learn that we are both from ohio, although i recently moved. Anyways...your content is awesome! You are very well spoken and knowledgeable. Keep up the great work!:)