27 May, 2012

Spiral Dance

Hey, Readers!

I finally bought a copy of this book, which was recommended to me a couple years ago. It was always at Half Price Books--they always had at least two copies, every time I went--and each time I would look at it, planning to get it, but something always made me put it back. It didn't seem important enough to have it.

I don't know why, but yesterday when I went, I finally took it home. It sort of helped that there was an extra 20% off sale this weekend, but really, I think it was just time.

Has that ever happened to you? Nothing really changes that you can tell, but somehow, something that wasn't right before suddenly is?

Maybe it's just that I have more time to spend on this now. Who knows.


17 May, 2012

What's SO wrong with it?

Depending on who you are and how long you've known me (read my posts or watched my videos, even), you may or may not know that I have always been the type of person who will say what everyone else is thinking just to get it said. In elementary and high school I wasn't always like this; I didn't want to be that person. But toward the end of high school and definitely upon beginning undergraduate school, I quickly learned that it was better just to ASK, or SAY something, than sit there silently and wonder.

Sometimes, I do this even though it will probably receive a backlash. I do it because I know I'm not the only one who wants to say something. I'm not the only one wondering. Chances are we are never the ONLY one in the world thinking anything--if we were, it would be a very lonely world. So why am I bringing this up now?

This is an image that showed up on my tumblr dashboard, and a bunch of people who had previously reblogged it showed negative reactions to it. One said "This is wrong. All wrong." Another said "NO." emphatically, and then "*throws things*"

My question is this: What is SO WRONG with these ideas that people would virtually throw things in response?

Not every witch follows the Rede, so that one is an obvious place for disagreement. Knowing the ways of the old can be arguable... I personally concentrate more on what it's like NOW than on trying to live the way they did then, which may no longer be applicable today. So maybe people are upset with that one? Not all witches follow the moon! Maybe that's it. But I just can't see why else the rest of this would be SO wrong. It's certainly not a detailed list of what being a witch is. This is a basic look at it, for sure. Maybe that's why it's wrong. But I can't imagine that loving, seeing further, being one with whatever deity you believe in (not all witches believe in any deity, so maybe that's their beef, too, actually), studying and learning, acknowledging Truth and so on could be so dreadfully "wrong."

Now, maybe that's because I AM a solitary witch. It's also because, frankly, I am not these people. To these people, commenting thus, these things are wrong. Clearly they are not wrong for ME and my life, but maybe they are wrong for them. This is a point their comments leave out. They think it's wrong, but not all of us do. And I think that's okay.

So why did I bother reblogging it, sharing my opinion and confusion, even though I recognized one of the usernames as someone who has insulted me and my beliefs before? Why risk the conflict?

Because I think it is valuable to remind people that their way is not the only one, not the only correct one, even. And I think it is valuable because if there are other people out there thinking "Hey, wait... What is so wrong with this?" then it is beneficial for them to know that they are not the only one confused. It's hell to feel alone on something as personal as your beliefs. When other people are telling you flat out that you're "wrong," it's good to know at least one other person does not think so.

Never be afraid to believe what you believe.


14 May, 2012

St. Patrick's Day 2012 (Video)

Can you tell yet that I'm catching up on posting witchy things? I was afraid no one would pay attention to these blogs, so I stopped paying attention. Now I'm doing it anyway, because I know at least a few people saw it.

So this is a video from St. Patrick's Day. I do daily vlogs sometimes--and when I say "daily vlog" I don't mean I sit and talk to the camera every day, I'm referring to the days when I record everything I did that day and tell you about it briefly. St. Patrick's Day 2012 I did just this, in order to share what THIS pagan (/neopagan/Wiccan, let's not worry about labels) did on a holiday celebrating the man who supposedly ousted paganism from the country. I think it's good to see how we treat days like this.

VIDEO: What A Pagan Does on St. Patty's Day

And now, strangely enough, I've just recently come back from England where I went to a lot of pagan-related places AND a lot of Christian places, including Glastonbury Abbey which includes St. Patrick's Chapel. How does one feel about that? Well, alright. Not terrible. Because even in a Christian place, like St. Michael's Tower on the Tor, you can feel what really matters: the interconnectedness of everything and everyone.

Later on, I'll blog about many of my experiences in England, the Tor being one of the most moving, and you'll see more what I mean.



All of a sudden on YouTube, everyone was making these "Shit People Say" videos. Shit People Say to Guys, Shit People Say to Girls, Shit People Say to Vegetarians, and so on. They're all hilarious, relatable, and sometimes eye-opening. I decided I should make one including all the ridiculous things people have said to ME (first hand experience) or to my friends or in personal blogs I read online (second hand) about pagans, Wiccans, witches, and so on.

A common reaction I get is "Why do you repeat everything so many times?" People say it's annoying that I include the same comment multiple times. My response is, "Because people say the same shit over and over." And it's true! If you think it's annoying to hear me say it five times on a video, imagine hearing it over and over in real life. It's just as annoying. I hope my video portrays that.

I tried to be inclusive with this video in that I included things that have ACTUALLY BEEN SAID, so that means I have some things that were said by Christians, some by Atheists, some by friends, some by strangers, some by people who mean well, some by people who hate what I believe, and some by other pagans, neopagans, and witches. This video is not about bashing another group or saying that only pagans get this kind of mistreatment. You can look up other "Shit People Say" videos that other people have done and see that many other groups hear this stuff, too. This video is simply about what has ACTUALLY been said about these groups that I identify with; some people can relate to it because they hear it, too, and others are stunned to learn that this actually happens. Some even get defensive, saying I probably made it up, no one would say that. Well, someone did. An individual person did. Not a whole group. Not every person ever. But one person actually said all these things.



On Crystals (video)

On January 25, I posted this video about crystals in response to something that happened with my mother's business. Basically, this is me talking about how crystals work and why you should spend time with them, and not be discouraged when you don't get results immediately.

VIDEO: cutewitch772 - On Crystals

Thanks for reading!