14 May, 2012


All of a sudden on YouTube, everyone was making these "Shit People Say" videos. Shit People Say to Guys, Shit People Say to Girls, Shit People Say to Vegetarians, and so on. They're all hilarious, relatable, and sometimes eye-opening. I decided I should make one including all the ridiculous things people have said to ME (first hand experience) or to my friends or in personal blogs I read online (second hand) about pagans, Wiccans, witches, and so on.

A common reaction I get is "Why do you repeat everything so many times?" People say it's annoying that I include the same comment multiple times. My response is, "Because people say the same shit over and over." And it's true! If you think it's annoying to hear me say it five times on a video, imagine hearing it over and over in real life. It's just as annoying. I hope my video portrays that.

I tried to be inclusive with this video in that I included things that have ACTUALLY BEEN SAID, so that means I have some things that were said by Christians, some by Atheists, some by friends, some by strangers, some by people who mean well, some by people who hate what I believe, and some by other pagans, neopagans, and witches. This video is not about bashing another group or saying that only pagans get this kind of mistreatment. You can look up other "Shit People Say" videos that other people have done and see that many other groups hear this stuff, too. This video is simply about what has ACTUALLY been said about these groups that I identify with; some people can relate to it because they hear it, too, and others are stunned to learn that this actually happens. Some even get defensive, saying I probably made it up, no one would say that. Well, someone did. An individual person did. Not a whole group. Not every person ever. But one person actually said all these things.



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  1. Love the video it is so funny and so true.