11 January, 2012

Pagan Prejudice (video)


I am going to be using pagans as my target research group for my Stereotyping & Prejudice class. I'm excited to learn more about how wide-spread the things we have to deal with actually are, and I'm also excited to share knowledge of paganism with the members of my class, and with any of you who watch or read what I post about my findings.

Do you have any links to news stories, websites, videos, or anything like that which discuss actual accounts of discrimination against pagans, stereotypes, or prejudice?


08 January, 2012

Why "The Witchy Stuff"?

Greetings, readers!

My name is Cara, better known on the internet as cutewitch772. The word "witch" is in my username, but I really don't have a place anymore that is just about my religion. My YouTube channel started out a few years ago with a lot about my religion, but I do a lot more than that on it, as well. Likewise, my tumblr blog is LARGELY about my religion because of the community there and the range of posts I can come across and reply to with just a few clicks, but I also post other things there.

This is my blog to post only "the witchy stuff." It probably won't be used extensively, but if I ever need to post something in conjunction with a video, or document something that I don't want to put elsewhere, it will be good to have this blog. I don't know how many of you will read a blog like this, but I guess we'll see!

Thank you for reading, and until next time,