27 June, 2017

Slice of Life: Today

Hey, Readers,

The heat is broken at my grandmother's house.

But let me back up.

Today, for the second time in a few months' span, my partner and I had to get up early to get our cars out of the parking lot so a crew could come fill in cracks in the pavement. Last time, it turned out they couldn't do it because it had rained, so we had gotten up and rushed out and stayed out for hours (my partner going to their job an hour early, me going to Grams' place to do some work) for nothing.

It's raining. So it's happened again.

This time the rain date is tomorrow, which means I'll have to get up early again and go... somewhere... again tomorrow. This is already quite inconvenient, but to have to do it three times is carelessness.

I got here and my grandmother wasn't even awake yet. I left without my sweater, so I'm cold, but she has sweaters. I make coffee. 100% Columbian. Sugar. I make toast. There is no peanut butter or jelly. I'm vegan, so the regular cow's butter in the fridge is out. I eat it plain. I put my laundry in downstairs. We fold the clean sheets my cousin left in the dryer. We notice the heat isn't on.

And just now, as I typed that, the television cut out. But we have power. Light. My laptop. Still on. (My laptop battery is shot, so it would immediately shut down if it lost power.) But the digital clock across the room is out.

I forgot my flash drives at home in my rush to get out on time, so it's a good thing I uploaded the video I need yesterday, so I can just write up the blog post that accompanies it and set it to public when I'm ready. I also forgot my phone charger, but I had a cord in my car and can plug it into my laptop to charge. I have to get home later to work on some craft things that need to be done by Thursday morning. I've been working on one for a couple days, and haven't started the other yet, so I can't spend all day away from home. Since it's raining, though, they probably aren't fixing the pavement, so I can go home any time.

I'm working on another blog to go along with a video I'll be posting.

Today is a strange day.
Making the best of it.


13 April, 2017

Saturn Returns Workshop #1

Dear Readers,

A little while ago on my channel, I announced that I have felt called to create a Saturn Returns course for those of us who are going through our Saturn Return (or who maybe just went through it, or have been through one in our lives and are now onto the second or the third) to work together on some tools to aid in this time.

I've also mentioned that the process of creating these courses and recurring subscriptions is new to me, and I am happy to say that I have finally figured out a way to get us started! So here we go...


Saturn has been called the Taskmaster of the Skies, and also, perhaps less intimidatingly, our planetary Life Coach. Every 29.5 Earth years or so, Saturn completes a full orbit. Thus, in your 30th year of life, when you are age 29, Saturn makes it's first return to the place where it was at your birth. The second time this happens, you are around age 58/59. A third return occurs when we reach age 88 or so.

So what typically happens when Saturn comes back around?
People experience the effects of Saturn differently, and pick up on different things. Because we are in different places in our lives, the tasks that Saturn has set up for us will vary. If you're pretty much on course, you may not need a lot of additional guidance, maybe just some support and confirmation. But if you've wandered far off the beaten path, you may feel some pretty extreme turbulence as good ol' Saturn whips you back into shape. What it all boils down to is this: We get 29.5 years to live our lives. When Saturn comes back for inspection, we get a progress report, and if we've gotten off our marks, we are about to get seriously readjusted.

You can feel these effects as early as years in advance, because nothing in the Universe happens immediately and suddenly, as far as the movement of planets into different places/signs goes. And something as big and foreboding as Saturn? You can feel it. I've been going through things for maybe three years now--definitely two years--that can be classified as Saturn Return bullshit, and I'm only 27 right now... If I'm already being prepared and given homework and being guided to turn my life upside down and inside out... what the heck is going to be in store for me when I turn 29?

What about for you?
What's feeling strained in your life these days? What is changing? Do you feel a profound desire to make a change, but don't know what, why, or how? Maybe you're feeling called, pushed, or prodded into making a change already. Relationships changing or ending, jobs changing or ending, moving, getting rid of, letting go of... Feeling like you lost track of what you're doing, who you are, and where you're going...

I know that feeling. And it's not even here yet.

This, the first iteration of my Saturn Returns workshop, will take place from May to August 2017. It includes eight "lessons" which will be sent and shared in video form--one "lesson" (or exercise, or activity, or ritual, as it were) will come every two weeks, over a span of those four months. We will talk about Saturn and some of the ways its lessons can appear for us, and do exercises and activities aimed at looking into what's going on, where we are, and figuring out what our goals are, what we feel our limitations are... And getting some guidance for working past that. There will also be more obvious "Witchy Stuff"--Tarot, spells, ritual. Between lessons, there may be other, smaller prompts and activities, and an opportunity to interact with everyone in the workshop, for feedback and sharing. 

Ready to get started?
If you feel like, Yes, this is the thing for me right now!, the subscription button below will begin a recurring subscription payment of $55.00 USD for four cycles only--one for each month of the course. I just need the email address where you want to receive workshop emails, and we can get started very soon!

Your email address

The deadline to sign up is Saturday (because why would it not be Saturn's Day?), April 29.
A welcome message will follow at the beginning of May, and lessons begin arriving after that!

If there is enough interest, I plan to do this workshop again at the end of the year.
And in the coming years, we'll go even further as Saturn approaches its Return for more of us.
Saturn Returns into the sign of Capricorn in December!


I'm also offering an additional reading currently, that is not on my Readings page. If you are interested in using Numerology and the Tarot to look at your Year Cards, finding the connections and transitions from last year, to this year, and into the next, please read the page here.

Email cutewitch772@yahoo.com or message me at facebook.com/cutewitch772.

If you are unfamiliar with my work and my style, please do watch the Saturn Returns video I have linked above, but also check out my YouTube channel (cutewitch772) to get a feel for who I am and how I teach!


14 March, 2017

Let's Look at Your Year Cards!

Hey, there!

As you probably know if you watch my videos or follow me on other social media, or especially if you sponsor my videos on Patreon, I learned about the concept of Tarot Year Cards using numerology only a couple years ago, and since then have really enjoyed getting into it! I have done two Patrons-only videos on the subject for those who sponsor my videos, which are private videos, for my Patrons exclusively.

But something I've loved doing ever since I learned about this system is figuring out my friends' cards and walking them through what that means for them. Many of my friends IRL are interested when I bring such things up, but are not the type who want to go out and learn tarot and numerology for themselves--and why? I mean, that's what they have me for! Haha. So, the other day I was doing this casually for a friend, as it just happened to come up in conversation, and I decided,

Why not make this into an offering to my friends/viewers/followers online, just as I do for my personal friends?

So that's what I've done! It's not really a specific laid out SPREAD so much as a grouping of your Year Cards/other major influential cards (along the lines of the system Mary K. Greer discusses in her book Tarot for Your Self). This "spread", or group, consists of anywhere from 3-7 cards, depending on YOUR personal numbers, but consists of 7 separate "positions" that we'll look into.

We'll take a look at

  • Your Year Card for this year (2017, in this case)
  • Card for the previous year (2016)
  • Card for the upcoming year (2018)
  • Your personal Birth Card/Life's Purpose
  • Your Soul Purpose Card
  • Shadow/Teacher card
  • Zodiac card
  • and how those last four tie in to your life overall, and in combination with your current year cards.
My Cards/Layout

As you can see, there are seven distinct positions to delve into. The reason I say this could be as few as three cards is that sometimes the card positions are made up of the same card. For example, my Birth Card and Soul Card are the same card, and it is ALSO my card for 2017. Thus, three separate positions are packed into one card--that card has a heavy influence for me right now! Also, my Zodiac card is my card for next year, which combines two more positions into another single card. Thus, this "spread" for me consists of only four cards, covering all seven positions (pictured here). 

My friend's 5 cards
When I did this for a friend this week, his spread consisted of only five cards, because his Birth and Soul are the same card, and his Zodiac is his card for 2017. So I estimate this could be as few as 3 cards, and as many as 7 if they're all separate. But more likely, some will overlap. And how the "spread" looks depends on which cards overlap--I have a basic layout in my head, and then based on which overlap and how they relate to each other, the actual way your cards get laid out will change. You see my personal one for this year above, and my friend's is pictured here for comparison. Mine is laid out a certain way to acknowledge what multiple positions the cards hold. My friend's is a little more traditional-looking because of how his numbers were. Yours will be unique to your numbers and their relationship to each other, as well!

The deck being used is The Vertigo Tarot, based on Vertigo comics (part of the DC universe). It was created by Neil Gaiman, Dave McKean, and Rachel Pollack. It should be noted that these year card calculations utilize ONLY the Major Arcana. This is the deck I'll use to work out a layout, but the meanings of the cards are transferable to other Tarot decks, so if you have your own, you can lay it out, too, and see how the images compare and deepen the work for you.

Are you interested in taking a look at your Year Cards with me and The Vertigo Tarot?

The investment for this small but mighty journey is $45.00 USD.
Send to cutewitch772@yahoo.com via PayPal (using the "send to friends and family" option to avoid any additional fees), and include your FULL BIRTH DATE (month, day, and year) in the Notes section. All these cards are determined just from your birth date!

These readings, unlike my others, will be recorded in a private (unlisted) VIDEO & you will be sent the link to access it. No one else will be able to access this without the link--so you may share it if you choose to, but I will never give the link to anyone but you. (If you have a Google/YouTube account and would prefer this video be actually "Private" meaning you have to be logged into your account to access it, not just have the link, we can arrange that!) Bullet points of the card meanings for quick reference will be listed in the video description, and I will include a still frame "photo" of the spread in the video that you can screenshot to keep as a photo for your personal notes, as well.

Thanks for doing the work! I can't wait to help as your guide for this fun, informative process. =)


09 February, 2017

Other Ways to Support

Hey, Readers!

This post is supplemental material for a video I'm posting about multiple ways that someone can support my work, if they want to. Watch the video here.

The following is a list of ways that someone can support my channel, including those with no monetary support involved.

The Usual Suspects:

  • Patreon. Pledge any amount of your choosing to support my YouTube videos! Set your own maximum so you never go over. Receive behind-the-scenes bonuses--Exclusive Patrons-only videos, photos, mini blog posts, and more depending on the pledge tier you choose. (Rewards currently being revamped so there will be new, cool things for each tier!)
  • Etsy. Handcrafted, mindful, magickal items for practitioners and non-practitioners alike. Created by me! I've done several things on my Etsy over the years, but right now I am focusing on my popular chakra/pentacle jewelry, and crystal jewelry that is intuitively designed. If you're looking for something to suit a custom purpose, that you know will be created with intention and good energy just for you, send me a message on Etsy to inquire about having me create a piece for you!
  • Readings. Have you been looking to get a card reading, either Tarot or Oracle? Are you looking for something really based on intuition and connection and story, rather than simply the usual meanings of things? Take a look at my Readings page, and find one that's right for you at this present moment.

The Unsung Heroes:
  • Sharing. Share my videos and Facebook posts, interact with/retweet posts on Twitter, tell people about my Instagram (if that's their favorite social media), etc. Sharing videos of interest to you helps to potentially expand my reach, because you know people who I don't know! Who knows? Maybe they'll really like and benefit from the content, just like you do. =)
  • Recommendations. Maybe you don't have a need or desire for a crystal jewelry item or a reading right now. You may know someone who does! Recommending my work to others might help make a connection for someone who didn't otherwise know my offerings existed. (Remember, you could give something as a gift, as well!)
  • Subscribe. Lots of people watch my channel who aren't subscribed to it, either because they don't have a YouTube/Google account at all (P.S. if you didn't know, Google owns YouTube, so if you have a Google account, you automatically have a YouTube connected account that you can use!) or because they just haven't subscribed. Subscriber count is one of the biggest ways that YouTube and other, outside companies determine a channel's reach. The more subscribers I have, the more opportunities I can seek on my own! Years ago when I tried to sign up for cool partnerships, I was turned down because of Subs count. I have almost 17k at the time of this post, but I'm up against YouTubers with subscribers in the hundreds of thousands, or MILLIONS! So any of you who haven't already subscribed, doing so would be an easy way to help out. This goes for any YouTuber you want to support!
  • Caption Videos. Something that will only cost you time--and a bit of patience--is helping to caption my videos! This is an awesome thing to do because it helps any viewers who are hard of hearing, or whose first language isn't English, so they can all understand me a bit better. This is also beneficial because once everything is captioned in English, anyone who speaks other languages can help to translate my videos, for even broader reach! A few of my videos currently have Greek captions because of one go-getting subscriber who asked me to prioritize English captions for a few videos they really wanted to translate into Greek, so we made that happen!
    • This is something I work on when I can, but it does take time that I don't always have. So if you have some free time and want to watch my videos anyway, you can CLICK ON THIS LINK to find a list of all my videos that still need captions! (You can do this for the PaganPerspective collab channel, too, by clicking HERE.)
    • (If you have questions on spelling or anything, you can also message me to tell me you're working on captions for a video and aren't sure about something, and I'll help you out with that! Multiple viewers can contribute to captions together and fill in missing pieces, but if I actually go in and edit the captions, I believe it knocks off your username and shows that I did the captions myself. I want you to get credit for your help! So if spelling becomes a question, you can ask me, or you can put in "(spelling?)" and maybe someone else will come along and help. You can also look at captions of videos that I have done to see the format I use--I use dashes and parentheses and the like where appropriate.)

  • The Other Thing. [Ads.] I've heard other YouTubers mention that it's frowned upon to tell people to do this in a video itself. Makes sense! So just for those of you who don't know how the ads on videos and other Google content (like this blog) work, here's the deal:
    • Every time you view a video where there are ads on the page, that creator gets fractions of a cent toward their account. Video ads that you can't skip give them a little more. (I don't currently have any non-skippable ads, but I could do a few here and there that would be a few more fractions of a cent.) That's just from you viewing the page the ad is being shown on.
    • If you actually click on the ad and simply let the page load, that gives even a little bit more. You don't have to take any further action on that page, just open it and let it load.
    • When all those cents eventually add up to a certain amount, creators get that money. It comes from the partnerships between whoever the ads are from, and YouTube... not from you! You just click, and it helps support the content creator. Cool, right?
    • Another FYI: Creators do not choose the ads that show up on their content. They are chosen by an algorithm based on what you search online (I search a lot about religion, so any company targeting their ads toward people who search religious topics, I have a chance of seeing their ads... even if it's Christian Singles ads, and I'm not Christian... or looking to meet someone online) (that's why when you do spend some time on a website, you might start noticing that you immediately get ads for that company on the videos you watch), or a company pays a lot more to have their ad shown to everyone (such as new movies coming out). My request/suggestion is that if you get an ad for something you really don't support, and/or that you know I don't support, don't bother clicking that one! That's not where I need my extra cents to come from. But if you see an ad that is neutral or that you do support, consider clicking it! It's a really simple way to help support creators that has no cost to you as a viewer.

Okay! There we go! A few hours later, we now have a video and blog post of resources to refer to anyone who's interested in how they can help! Good work, team. We've got this. =)

Thank you so much! Have an awesome day,


15 January, 2017

Blog Got a Refresher!

Hello, Readers!

I'm looking into some new platforms for my online business, so I may very well end up moving some things to a new site if I figure out something awesome that I really like. But for now, this blog got a tune-up!

Today I refreshed and updated the FAQ page, the About Me and Personal Path pages (basically just bringing them up to date with how old I am now, updating the number of subscribers I have, etc.), AND...

I totally reorganized my Readings page!

I got rid of some of the readings options, because I recognize that there were just TOO MANY to choose from. There are still quite a few, but the ones that are left are organized differently now, so people can choose based on the kind of question they need to answer or the type of reading they want. It narrows it down much more quickly and easily, I think. Do you need a year-long card reading? Something simple and quick? Maybe something more like a traditional tarot spread? Perfect! Look for the type of reading you need, and see which one, two, or three fall under that category!

I also added screen shots of the steps to get your reading using PayPal, to help make that process a little bit easier, as well. =)

Phew! I'm ready for a break!


04 January, 2017

New Year, More Me

Greetings, dear Readers,

It's 2017. A new calendar year. For some reason, even though I know it's an "arbitrary" measurement of time, the New Year does seem to feel like something new to me. At least, it has for the past two years, since I started celebrating the New Year in the way I've always wanted to--at home, with my loves, with no midnight phone calls connecting me to people all over the place, no noise... only what I want to do. It's amazing how, when you create that space you want to be in, create that moment and that experience, how you can feel subtle shifts that never seemed to be there before.

Still, on another level, I don't think of the New Year as anything magic(k)al, in itself. It's still one day leading into another. I do not subscribe to the "New Year, New Me!" school of thought. If you choose to make a change, you can do so at ANY time. And even when you do so, it doesn't mean that you are new, or someone entirely different, or somehow not who you just were. You are different, perhaps, in ways. Some people change DRASTICALLY, for better or worse. They are still themselves.

So if that at all makes sense to you, I believe in shifts of energy, and creating change, and becoming a better or deeper or more aware version of myself... But I have always been and will always be myself. That doesn't change, at my core. A lot about me HAS changed over the years. I'm sure more will change.

But it's still me. I'm still Me. I don't plan on being anyone else.

That said, I'm excited to try and tap into some of this great energy I'm feeling. Some of you know, 2016--using the calendar years as a measuring device for chapters of time is much easier now that I'm out of school, whereas before, the academic year was a more concrete marker--was a very tough year for me. I made some great strides in certain areas, but also fell far below my expectations and desires in many others. I struggle with my anxiety and depression since I no longer have access to free professional counseling, and a lot of other factors going on in my life make my burdens and obstacles appear insurmountable.

But I believe in energy, and maybe that alone is helping to cause a Shift. Because I know that my 2017 energy from the Tarot is The Chariot--Movement, Direction, Focus. Everything I need to tap into.

It's not instantaneous work, here. It's gradual. It's a figuring out, and narrowing down, and working through. I just read a great article on Patheos by Chris Godwin in which he wrote, "Enlightenment isn't a goal, it's just a tool, it's turning the damn light on so you can see the work." This is what I've been doing for a while now, seeing the work. But just like anytime I attempt to clean and organize my house... I see a LOT of work to be done! And it's hard to know where to start! It always takes me a while of standing there, overwhelmed, before I remember to just PICK a place, and START SOMEWHERE. 2016 was a lot of overwhelmed assessing of the work that needs done. 2017, I think, ought to be about choosing a place to begin.

I think I'm beginning to find some footholds in the side of this mountain. Finding things, and people, who can help. I'm optimistic about that. There is a lot of work to be done and I just know I can't really go it alone.

So while I have a TON of projects that need to get done--which are either partly accomplished and waiting to be finished, or not yet begun at all--they may or may not have any work done to them. I don't know yet what will come out on top as being the most important first steps. I don't know what second steps I will reach by taking those first steps. I may be lead away from some things I once wanted to do. I may be lead closer to things I thought were not the way.

I don't know yet. I'm going to turn the damn light on and see.

It's 2017. I'm still Cara. Hi. It's me.
There will be no new me. No Cara 2.0.
Hopefully there will be more me, deeper knowledge of me, fuller living as me.
Always me.

New Year. More Deeply Me.

The Chariot Awaits.


30 December, 2016

Viewer Survey! My First Ever!

Greetings, dear Readers!

Now, you may not know this about me... but I'm the kind of person who REALLY LIKES SURVEYS. Frankly, I don't know why I haven't done one for my channel before. I've been thinking about it for years.

But today I finally sat down and made one! Demographics questions, YouTube audience questions, FUN questions, questions to get to know a little more about your lives and what you like and what you're interested in, what your experiences are, what your background is, and so on!

Annnd then I found out you could only have 10 questions at a time in the free survey version... And mine was 28. I wish I'd known that before I spent four hours on it. >.< ANYWAY, then I spent another hour deleting the "just for fun" questions and moving things around. I narrowed it down to 20 questions, and split it into TWO PARTS. Here they are:

PART ONE is basic audience demographics - Your age, race, gender, sexuality, religion, and so on.
PART TWO is about you as a viewing audience member - How long you've watched my channel, what kind of content you like, your opinion on some of the different things I've been posting... plus two questions that I had extra room for and wanted to include. =)

Unfortunately since they're broken up, I won't be able to see how the data from the two sections relate, but I still think they will be valuable to me as separate entities the way they are.

So PLEASE take both surveys--they're only 10 questions each ;) and I think it'll really help me get an idea of who my audience is, and understand better what you like about my channel content.

I'm all about improvement and connection in 2017!

Here are the links again in long form:
Part One: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/NDY8W7N
Part Two: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/NDSWC2J

Thanks & Blessings~

Update: I've now been informed, via an email from surveymonkey, that I can only get 100 responses to the surveys without upgrading to the paid version. I don't know if this means it will collect all responses and I just can't SEE them unless I pay, or if it will cut you off. I'm sorry, I was unaware of this when I made the surveys using this website! I'll do my best with what I can!