22 July, 2013

Witchy Book Recommendations

Hey, Readers,

People are always asking me what books I recommend on witchy topics, whether it be Magick, Paganism in general, Wicca, or something more specific. I've been typing out new messages to all of these people for years, and saying I will create a list somewhere for those same years. Without any further adieu, here is that list of things I recommend, somewhat annotated if I feel some explanation or plugging is necessary. I will add onto this list over the years as I find more books that I like. Enjoy!

Authors I Love
  • Scott Cunningham
    • Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner
    • Living Wicca: A Further Guide for the Solitary Practitioner
    • Earth Power: Techniques of Natural Magic
    • Earth, Air, Fire & Water: More Techniques of Natural Magic
    • Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs
    • Magical Aromatherapy
    • Spell Crafts: Creating Magical Objects (with David Harrington)
    • and many more he's written, alone or with Harrington and others, on other subjects!
  • Starhawk
    • The Spiral Dance: A Rebirth of the Ancient Religion of the Great Goddess
    • Circle Round: Raising Children in Goddess Traditions (with other authors)
    • The Twelve Wild Swans (with Hilary Valentine) (Advanced training book, the sequel to The Spiral Dance, and goes through sort of "Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced" sections.)
    • and more which I haven't read yet, so I can't personally recommend, but that I want to read! On the list for me to check out next: The Earth Path: Grounding Your Spirit in the Rhythms of Nature, and The Pagan Book of Living and Dying.
Other authors you should check out:
Janet and Stewart Farrar, Doreen Valiente, Raymond Buckland, Gerina Dunwich, Gerald Gardner, Silver Ravenwolf, Ronald Hutton, Margaret Murray, D.J. Conway, Richard Webster, Raven Grimassi, etc.

Paganism, General
  • PAGANISM: An Introduction to Earth-Centered Religions - Joyce and River Higginbotham (A look at those things that, from their research and experience, unite all Pagans.)
  • The Everything Paganism Book - Selene Silverwind (Basics about major paths, useful for comparing one to another in a basic way.)
  • The Way of the Horned God: A Young Man's Guide to Modern Paganism - Dancing Rabbit (Author is an online friend of mine--watch my review of the book here.)
  • Drawing Down the Moon - Margot Adler (History)
  • Modern Pagans: An Investigation of Contemporary Pagan Practices - RE/SEARCH, interviews by V. Vale and John Sulak (I learned so much from these interviews! Truly a great read!)

  • Encyclopedia of Wicca and Witchcraft - Raven Grimassi
  • Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner - Scott Cunningham
  • Living Wicca: A Further Guide for the Solitary Practitioner - Scott Cunningham
  • Three Wicca books I read through recently (2018) at a public library. I posted a video reviewing five books, including these three, here.
    • Wicca Teachings: An Introduction and Practical Guide by Tony Bell (Covers many basic topics all in one place--I was pleasantly surprised by this book, having never heard of it before finding it on a shelf!)
    • Crafting Wiccan Traditions: Creating a Foundation for Your Spiritual Beliefs and Practices by Raven Grimassi (Learning foundations of Traditional Wicca, and from that basis, moving toward creating your own traditions and practice.)
    • Exploring Wicca: The Beliefs, Rites, and Rituals of the Wiccan Religion by Lady Sabrina (Traditional Wicca, includes mythology, history, and section on creating "coven bylaws" for lack of a better term.)
  • Traditional Wicca: A Seeker's Guide by Thorn Mooney. This book won't be released until July 2018, but you can pre-order it here, which I did. =)

  • Write Your Own Magic - Richard Webster
  • The Goodly Spellbook - Lady Passion and *Diuvei, Coven Oldenwilde

Shadow Magick
  • In the Shadow of 13 Moons - Kimberly Sherman-Cook

Shamanism, etc.
  • Totem Magic - Yasmine Galenorn
  • By Oak, Ash, & Thorn - D.J. Conway (Also talks about Shadow)
  • By Land, Sky, & Sea: Three Realms of Shamanic Witchcraft - Gede Parma

List of 27 must-read books on paganism, from Huffington Post

Fiction with Pagan Themes
  • Priestess of Avalon - Marion Zimmer Bradley & Diana L. Paxson (Historical fiction)
  • The Killian Star - Alyson Denny (Personal friend of mine, and upon recently catching up with her at my new job, she tells me that she has multiple books now and this one has been rewritten since I read it!)
  • The Cassie Rivers Adventures (series) - Christin Keck (You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll wonder if Christin knows the same people you do, but mostly you'll LAUGH.)
    • Book One: The Goddess Loves Your Shoes
    • Book Two: Altared States
    • Book Three: Infantasia
    • Book Four: Mini-Apple-Loss (Released May 2014. I just finished it in Nov. 2014, and an interview will be forthcoming!)


11 July, 2013

Working Witch

Hey, Readers,

As always, there are several topics I want to address here, but I've been so busy lately that I haven't had much time at all to sit down and write, make videos, or do much of anything that I usually do! So this is just a quick update to let you all know what's been going on that's keeping me from my online life.

Firstly, everyone probably knows by now (especially if you watch my YouTube channel) that I've been assistant-directing/stage managing a teen musical. Tech week for that show begins this Sunday, after which I will be there EVERY DAY for rehearsals and the shows next weekend.

Secondly, last week I acquired a job working at the Medieval Faire, selling runes! My employer is a musician, well-known to the faires around here, and he's recently re-opened his Runeworks business. My mother is friends with him on Facebook so she heard he wanted to hire a salesperson and got us in contact. He hired me last week and this past Saturday and Sunday were my first weekend ever as a vendor at the faire, rather than a patron. It was different in a lot of ways, but very fun, and I look forward to the next five weekends. Although it does mean that I can't attend Circle meetings or field trips we had planned, the faire is a great reason to miss a few things.

Between those two jobs and the fact that my boyfriend is home for summer break, I have been very busy. But add onto that one final thing, and you've got a crazy busy theatre-filled summer for me. Yesterday I learned that the group from my college (whence I recently graduated, in 2012) wants me back to work the summer theatre camp. I can't do all of it because of the show I'm already working on, but they want me to work the mornings. So my upcoming week looks like this:

  • Early morning drive to campus (the first day)
  • Be on campus working on theatre camp until early afternoon
  • Drive to musical
  • Rehearse/perform musical
  • Drive back to campus
  • Sleep on campus
  • Wake up early morning and start camp again
  • Repeat list from second entry

Busy, busy! And in these busy times, it's more than important to find some quiet time. I've enjoyed coming home to my boyfriend each evening after a long day of theatre, to have some dinner and maybe watch a movie, and then go to bed. There is no real back yard here, but there is some grass I can walk around in while on the phone. And I don't have all my personal items here yet, so I don't have an altar space or anything like that, but I still sing and chant in my car while driving to and from work, keep herbs hanging from my car visors, brake for animals sent by the Goddess, and of course, I constantly represent my faith in real life and online. I've been keeping up with messages on YouTube, and with emails, as well as having conversations with people in person about what I believe. A friend of mine recently learned through several conversations that I'm Pagan, and asked me to explain a bit about my beliefs. Many of my cast members have commented on my pentacle necklaces. The Medieval Faire is a great place to meet other pagans and generally like-minded folks, and the people I'm working with on the musical also have similar views (see previous post).

So no, I haven't been doing any ritual or spellcraft recently, owing largely to my hectic schedule, but that never means that I am not being an active member of my faith. I know that a lot of people often struggle with these times, thinking that they're slacking or not doing enough, so I hope this will be a reassuring thing for them. I am not only a witch when in circle, and odds are, neither are you.