09 February, 2017

Other Ways to Support

Hey, Readers!

This post is supplemental material for a video I'm posting about multiple ways that someone can support my work, if they want to. Watch the video here.

The following is a list of ways that someone can support my channel, including those with no monetary support involved.

The Usual Suspects:

  • Patreon. Pledge any amount of your choosing to support my YouTube videos! Set your own maximum so you never go over. Receive behind-the-scenes bonuses--Exclusive Patrons-only videos, photos, mini blog posts, and more depending on the pledge tier you choose. (Rewards currently being revamped so there will be new, cool things for each tier!)
  • Etsy. Handcrafted, mindful, magickal items for practitioners and non-practitioners alike. Created by me! I've done several things on my Etsy over the years, but right now I am focusing on my popular chakra/pentacle jewelry, and crystal jewelry that is intuitively designed. If you're looking for something to suit a custom purpose, that you know will be created with intention and good energy just for you, send me a message on Etsy to inquire about having me create a piece for you!
  • Readings. Have you been looking to get a card reading, either Tarot or Oracle? Are you looking for something really based on intuition and connection and story, rather than simply the usual meanings of things? Take a look at my Readings page, and find one that's right for you at this present moment.

The Unsung Heroes:
  • Sharing. Share my videos and Facebook posts, interact with/retweet posts on Twitter, tell people about my Instagram (if that's their favorite social media), etc. Sharing videos of interest to you helps to potentially expand my reach, because you know people who I don't know! Who knows? Maybe they'll really like and benefit from the content, just like you do. =)
  • Recommendations. Maybe you don't have a need or desire for a crystal jewelry item or a reading right now. You may know someone who does! Recommending my work to others might help make a connection for someone who didn't otherwise know my offerings existed. (Remember, you could give something as a gift, as well!)
  • Subscribe. Lots of people watch my channel who aren't subscribed to it, either because they don't have a YouTube/Google account at all (P.S. if you didn't know, Google owns YouTube, so if you have a Google account, you automatically have a YouTube connected account that you can use!) or because they just haven't subscribed. Subscriber count is one of the biggest ways that YouTube and other, outside companies determine a channel's reach. The more subscribers I have, the more opportunities I can seek on my own! Years ago when I tried to sign up for cool partnerships, I was turned down because of Subs count. I have almost 17k at the time of this post, but I'm up against YouTubers with subscribers in the hundreds of thousands, or MILLIONS! So any of you who haven't already subscribed, doing so would be an easy way to help out. This goes for any YouTuber you want to support!
  • Caption Videos. Something that will only cost you time--and a bit of patience--is helping to caption my videos! This is an awesome thing to do because it helps any viewers who are hard of hearing, or whose first language isn't English, so they can all understand me a bit better. This is also beneficial because once everything is captioned in English, anyone who speaks other languages can help to translate my videos, for even broader reach! A few of my videos currently have Greek captions because of one go-getting subscriber who asked me to prioritize English captions for a few videos they really wanted to translate into Greek, so we made that happen!
    • This is something I work on when I can, but it does take time that I don't always have. So if you have some free time and want to watch my videos anyway, you can CLICK ON THIS LINK to find a list of all my videos that still need captions! (You can do this for the PaganPerspective collab channel, too, by clicking HERE.)
    • (If you have questions on spelling or anything, you can also message me to tell me you're working on captions for a video and aren't sure about something, and I'll help you out with that! Multiple viewers can contribute to captions together and fill in missing pieces, but if I actually go in and edit the captions, I believe it knocks off your username and shows that I did the captions myself. I want you to get credit for your help! So if spelling becomes a question, you can ask me, or you can put in "(spelling?)" and maybe someone else will come along and help. You can also look at captions of videos that I have done to see the format I use--I use dashes and parentheses and the like where appropriate.)

  • The Other Thing. [Ads.] I've heard other YouTubers mention that it's frowned upon to tell people to do this in a video itself. Makes sense! So just for those of you who don't know how the ads on videos and other Google content (like this blog) work, here's the deal:
    • Every time you view a video where there are ads on the page, that creator gets fractions of a cent toward their account. Video ads that you can't skip give them a little more. (I don't currently have any non-skippable ads, but I could do a few here and there that would be a few more fractions of a cent.) That's just from you viewing the page the ad is being shown on.
    • If you actually click on the ad and simply let the page load, that gives even a little bit more. You don't have to take any further action on that page, just open it and let it load.
    • When all those cents eventually add up to a certain amount, creators get that money. It comes from the partnerships between whoever the ads are from, and YouTube... not from you! You just click, and it helps support the content creator. Cool, right?
    • Another FYI: Creators do not choose the ads that show up on their content. They are chosen by an algorithm based on what you search online (I search a lot about religion, so any company targeting their ads toward people who search religious topics, I have a chance of seeing their ads... even if it's Christian Singles ads, and I'm not Christian... or looking to meet someone online) (that's why when you do spend some time on a website, you might start noticing that you immediately get ads for that company on the videos you watch), or a company pays a lot more to have their ad shown to everyone (such as new movies coming out). My request/suggestion is that if you get an ad for something you really don't support, and/or that you know I don't support, don't bother clicking that one! That's not where I need my extra cents to come from. But if you see an ad that is neutral or that you do support, consider clicking it! It's a really simple way to help support creators that has no cost to you as a viewer.

Okay! There we go! A few hours later, we now have a video and blog post of resources to refer to anyone who's interested in how they can help! Good work, team. We've got this. =)

Thank you so much! Have an awesome day,