08 January, 2012

Why "The Witchy Stuff"?

Greetings, readers!

My name is Cara, better known on the internet as cutewitch772. The word "witch" is in my username, but I really don't have a place anymore that is just about my religion. My YouTube channel started out a few years ago with a lot about my religion, but I do a lot more than that on it, as well. Likewise, my tumblr blog is LARGELY about my religion because of the community there and the range of posts I can come across and reply to with just a few clicks, but I also post other things there.

This is my blog to post only "the witchy stuff." It probably won't be used extensively, but if I ever need to post something in conjunction with a video, or document something that I don't want to put elsewhere, it will be good to have this blog. I don't know how many of you will read a blog like this, but I guess we'll see!

Thank you for reading, and until next time,

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