08 February, 2013


Absolutely crazy!

I started this blog for those times when I have extra information to add to YouTube videos, and need a place to put it. And I do use this blog for that quite a bit, as you've probably noticed (especially recently).

But since I had the blog, it helped me to start adding additional blogs for other moments along my path. The Witchy Stuff, at least. Now I've gotten to share little thoughts about my path, videos, silly moments, and more. And while I started blogging with no one else reading (maybe one or two), I somehow now have 70 people following this blog! I usually don't remember numbers like that (I thought my YouTube channel had 6,000 subscribers for months now, but I recently learned I have over 7k currently. I just never check!), so I tend to think "Hmm, no one has left any comments, maybe no one read it." But I realize that is not the case at all. Sometimes there just isn't anything to say! I understand that. I just forget.

So thank you all for deciding to follow my blog. I'd keep writing even if no one was reading, but it is awfully nice to know that you're reading, hopefully enjoying, possibly getting something from it. Who knows! I have big goals for the future, and you all are even more important than just my efforts.

Speaking of goals, I do mean to make videos for a lot of the topics I keep thinking about. I also want to blog about a lot more topics, but I don't like to crowd it with multiple per day, or even one every single day. It's the same with my channel: I have no ideas for a long time, and then a ton of ideas all at once! I try to space it out for the times when I have no ideas again. =)

There are several subjects I want to blog/vlog about soon:
  • Sex Magick (I already shared some thoughts with someone else, but want to lay it out more clearly)
  • Gender
  • Prejudice reduction
  • Measuring progress
  • Seeking faith
And so on. It seems like every day I wake up with a new all-important subject on my mind, and there are just so many, and more research and brainstorming and thought-clarifying that I want to do, that they all pile up and I haven't mentioned any of them to the greater world yet. But I will, eventually. In videos, or here, or both. Whatever seems the best medium for the subject at the time.

Thank you for being here and reading whatever it is I come up with.


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