24 September, 2013

Autumnal Musings

Hey, Readers,

Yesterday, I composed this Tweet:

As hectic as life can be, and as much as sometimes we may really just need a break from it all, I find that I am also extremely comforted by the fact that everything does just keep on going. The days that are hard do not last, but are replaced by new days with the potential to be entirely different. The days that are good also keep on going. No matter what happens, for better or worse, no one can interrupt the cycle of Nature and all that is. Yesterday, I found that thought to be very helpful. I have been having so much fun lately, relaxing and enjoying being away and in another world entirely (Re: my work at medieval and renaissance faires), and I've also been overwhelmed by all that needs doing back at home and online and in my "real world" life. The people who help us, the people who hinder us, none of them can stop the turning of the wheel. No matter what happens, the wheel will turn, the next day will come, the holy days will wax and wane, and we will grow and move onward. Hopefully we also move forward as a whole. But either way, we move, we celebrate, we sing and dance, we live.

And the wheel turns.



  1. That's so inspiring!

    You would make an excellent author, but meanwhile I might just copy that down and tape it to my bedroom wall.
    It comforts me too, and it is very motivational. I hope things are going well on your side of the world!

  2. This was insanely helpful to me today. Thank you for that. :)