14 March, 2017

Let's Look at Your Year Cards!

Hey, there!

As you probably know if you watch my videos or follow me on other social media, or especially if you sponsor my videos on Patreon, I learned about the concept of Tarot Year Cards using numerology only a couple years ago, and since then have really enjoyed getting into it! I have done two Patrons-only videos on the subject for those who sponsor my videos, which are private videos, for my Patrons exclusively.

But something I've loved doing ever since I learned about this system is figuring out my friends' cards and walking them through what that means for them. Many of my friends IRL are interested when I bring such things up, but are not the type who want to go out and learn tarot and numerology for themselves--and why? I mean, that's what they have me for! Haha. So, the other day I was doing this casually for a friend, as it just happened to come up in conversation, and I decided,

Why not make this into an offering to my friends/viewers/followers online, just as I do for my personal friends?

So that's what I've done! It's not really a specific laid out SPREAD so much as a grouping of your Year Cards/other major influential cards (along the lines of the system Mary K. Greer discusses in her book Tarot for Your Self). This "spread", or group, consists of anywhere from 3-7 cards, depending on YOUR personal numbers, but consists of 7 separate "positions" that we'll look into.

We'll take a look at

  • Your Year Card for this year (2017, in this case)
  • Card for the previous year (2016)
  • Card for the upcoming year (2018)
  • Your personal Birth Card/Life's Purpose
  • Your Soul Purpose Card
  • Shadow/Teacher card
  • Zodiac card
  • and how those last four tie in to your life overall, and in combination with your current year cards.
My Cards/Layout

As you can see, there are seven distinct positions to delve into. The reason I say this could be as few as three cards is that sometimes the card positions are made up of the same card. For example, my Birth Card and Soul Card are the same card, and it is ALSO my card for 2017. Thus, three separate positions are packed into one card--that card has a heavy influence for me right now! Also, my Zodiac card is my card for next year, which combines two more positions into another single card. Thus, this "spread" for me consists of only four cards, covering all seven positions (pictured here). 

My friend's 5 cards
When I did this for a friend this week, his spread consisted of only five cards, because his Birth and Soul are the same card, and his Zodiac is his card for 2017. So I estimate this could be as few as 3 cards, and as many as 7 if they're all separate. But more likely, some will overlap. And how the "spread" looks depends on which cards overlap--I have a basic layout in my head, and then based on which overlap and how they relate to each other, the actual way your cards get laid out will change. You see my personal one for this year above, and my friend's is pictured here for comparison. Mine is laid out a certain way to acknowledge what multiple positions the cards hold. My friend's is a little more traditional-looking because of how his numbers were. Yours will be unique to your numbers and their relationship to each other, as well!

The deck being used is The Vertigo Tarot, based on Vertigo comics (part of the DC universe). It was created by Neil Gaiman, Dave McKean, and Rachel Pollack. It should be noted that these year card calculations utilize ONLY the Major Arcana. This is the deck I'll use to work out a layout, but the meanings of the cards are transferable to other Tarot decks, so if you have your own, you can lay it out, too, and see how the images compare and deepen the work for you.

Are you interested in taking a look at your Year Cards with me and The Vertigo Tarot?

The investment for this small but mighty journey is $45.00 USD.
Send to cutewitch772@yahoo.com via PayPal (using the "send to friends and family" option to avoid any additional fees), and include your FULL BIRTH DATE (month, day, and year) in the Notes section. All these cards are determined just from your birth date!

These readings, unlike my others, will be recorded in a private (unlisted) VIDEO & you will be sent the link to access it. No one else will be able to access this without the link--so you may share it if you choose to, but I will never give the link to anyone but you. (If you have a Google/YouTube account and would prefer this video be actually "Private" meaning you have to be logged into your account to access it, not just have the link, we can arrange that!) Bullet points of the card meanings for quick reference will be listed in the video description, and I will include a still frame "photo" of the spread in the video that you can screenshot to keep as a photo for your personal notes, as well.

Thanks for doing the work! I can't wait to help as your guide for this fun, informative process. =)


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