27 June, 2017

Slice of Life: Today

Hey, Readers,

The heat is broken at my grandmother's house.

But let me back up.

Today, for the second time in a few months' span, my partner and I had to get up early to get our cars out of the parking lot so a crew could come fill in cracks in the pavement. Last time, it turned out they couldn't do it because it had rained, so we had gotten up and rushed out and stayed out for hours (my partner going to their job an hour early, me going to Grams' place to do some work) for nothing.

It's raining. So it's happened again.

This time the rain date is tomorrow, which means I'll have to get up early again and go... somewhere... again tomorrow. This is already quite inconvenient, but to have to do it three times is carelessness.

I got here and my grandmother wasn't even awake yet. I left without my sweater, so I'm cold, but she has sweaters. I make coffee. 100% Columbian. Sugar. I make toast. There is no peanut butter or jelly. I'm vegan, so the regular cow's butter in the fridge is out. I eat it plain. I put my laundry in downstairs. We fold the clean sheets my cousin left in the dryer. We notice the heat isn't on.

And just now, as I typed that, the television cut out. But we have power. Light. My laptop. Still on. (My laptop battery is shot, so it would immediately shut down if it lost power.) But the digital clock across the room is out.

I forgot my flash drives at home in my rush to get out on time, so it's a good thing I uploaded the video I need yesterday, so I can just write up the blog post that accompanies it and set it to public when I'm ready. I also forgot my phone charger, but I had a cord in my car and can plug it into my laptop to charge. I have to get home later to work on some craft things that need to be done by Thursday morning. I've been working on one for a couple days, and haven't started the other yet, so I can't spend all day away from home. Since it's raining, though, they probably aren't fixing the pavement, so I can go home any time.

I'm working on another blog to go along with a video I'll be posting.

Today is a strange day.
Making the best of it.


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