26 January, 2016

Unflinching Heart / Thank You

Hey, Readers,

I didn't set out to write a blog post tonight. I just started writing a little update on Facebook and it turned into a much longer post--longer than a status but perhaps shorter than a blog post--so I decided to instead publish it here. That's what I have a blog for, right? =)

About halfway through this status update-turned-blog, I realized that I was doing the work I began last weekend at a Priestessing Skills (read: Leadership Skills, of a Priestessing nature) workshop. But you all don't know about that yet. I don't know if you will, explicitly. This one may just be revealed to you in my leadership, in my priestessing. But I will tell you that it was working with acknowledging our fears about leadership, and with letting go of the idea of "perfection" in leadership. So without further adieu, here are the thoughts that sprang from my head, fully formed, before my fingers knew what they were typing.


Uploading the next installment of my little series about witchcamp now! And I got another comment from someone, eh not sure if they were really complaining or just making an obvious observation, about the repetitive lines in my Shit People Say video (which still needs the sequel done, I know). But now my feeling is kind of like, if nobody had gotten it, maybe it could have been done better. But since a ton of you precious souls resonate with it and feel exactly what I was doing, and just some people don't really understand what I was doing... well, that makes it feel more like art to me.

A few people have made and sent me their own versions of/responses to it. =) And on the other side, numerous people have directly copied it (I get links and screenshots from my viewers when they recognize things that are eerily close to my video--good lookin' out!) without acknowledging the source/inspiration, sometimes straight up putting their own username on it. Sooo... if it's good enough to pay tribute to, AND good enough to plagiarize... =P

It's all part of my journey, this stuff. Getting over the fear of sharing (What if I get negative comments? What if people steal my ideas? What if I'm not saying anything worthwhile? What if everyone else does it better?) and continually saying SO WHAT? Even IF that happens, even WHEN that happens (because it does... all the time), I will still be here. I will step into my work anyway.

And I thank you, those of you who "get it," those who maybe don't "get it" but support and enjoy it, those who engage in positive ways and share and learn and grow alongside one another, alongside me... Thank you. For being my people. For having my back. For walking your own walk and Never Forgetting To Be Awesome.

Blessed Be--I am blessed by your presence.



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  2. "I will still be here. I will step into my work anyway."

    We risk, and risk, and risk again.

  3. Just a late note, because I just saw this post. I am just finishing Brene Brown's "Rising Strong". Trusting my intuition here because it won't let me not post this comment. I will post a review soon, but your post just shouted out that you might find it interesting. :)