18 August, 2012


Hey, Readers!

You like that extremely colloquial title to this post? WELL, I AM PSYCHED. LET ME TELL YOU WHY.

My mom and I are going on a day trip tomorrow to Lily Dale, New York, which is a trip we've had planned for about a month for my birthday (my birthday was yesterday, the 16th). We're going with a large group of people, organized by a friend of ours who is a spiritualist and medium and did a lot of work at Lily Dale. We only paid the basic entrance fee, which includes a lot of daily, free things you can do within the area. There are also extra things that you can pay more for, but we're not going to do any of that.

So before you get too excited with me, know that I cannot ATTEND this exact thing that is making me so excited because 1) I don't have an extra $45 to spare and 2) apparently you had to register online way before this and I didn't know it was happening until just now when I looked up Lily Dale to try and see what would be available for us to do for free. So I'm not going to this event, BUT I'M PSYCHED ABOUT IT NONETHELESS, BECAUSE...


I apologize for the sophomoric effect of all caps, but I am excited! Like I said, I can't actually attend either of his lectures (there is one from 2-5pm on spirit communication and one from 7-10pm on mediumship and messages) because of the extra cost and the fact that you have to register beforehand and we were not made aware of extra events until I looked it up just now. But I am jazzed enough that I will be in the same PLACE as a real, live, Wiccan big shot. I will definitely seek out the auditorium in hopes of getting video of a bulletin board outside it with his name on it as a guest speaker or something. Since he is doing two lectures a few hours apart, it would be AWESOME if I could run into him and get a picture or say hi, but I'm not expecting that. I mean, what would I say to the man? Nothing more than "Hello, I've read one or two of your books," really. I wouldn't want to really talk about Wicca because I don't know how he personally feels about non-initiates. The last thing I need is him being like "You're not a real Wiccan. Leave my presence." =P At best I could say I'm solitary for now because I have no access to a coven, but someday I am interested in learning traditional forms. Which I am, though I'm fairly content being a non-initiate. But if I see him, I will have to gain composure at least long enough to say hello and request a photograph. The worst that can happen is that he says no, and I still have a great story. But honestly, the most I'm anticipating is his name on a sign board and the exquisite knowledge that he may be less than 50 feet away for a brief time.

I don't think much about famous Wiccans and witches, but when they cross my path I do still get crazy. Christian Day linked to one of my videos on his Facebook page once and I freaked out, even though I barely know anything about him, including how I feel about him. Still, it's enough that they mean something to the community.

Look forward to my Lily Dale video!


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