06 January, 2014

My Goddess (A Poem, or Prayer)

Hey, Readers,

Most of my rituals and spells are made up in the moment, or improvised from a vocabulary of intent that I have built up over the years. As such, I often create new things on the spot, when needed, and then write them down to use again later. Here is a poem I wrote while making a long drive on dangerously snow-covered roads last week:

"My Goddess rules these valleys
My Goddess rules these hills
My Goddess rules this majesty
Both turbulent and still

My Goddess rules these oceans
My Goddess rules these lakes
My Goddess rules my victories
and She rules my mistakes

My Goddess is all-knowing
My Goddess can see all
My Goddess sees me rising
and She will see me fall

She's seen me through the valleys
She's seen me o'er the hills
She's helped me all throughout  my path
and She will guide me still"

This was in reference to a specific goddess of travel named Elen, to whom I pray often while driving, even in regular weather conditions. But this could also apply to other goddesses, and this very much speaks to me of Mother Earth/Gaia as well. I do not usually share things like this, things that I've written for my own path, but I thought perhaps it might be nice to occasionally share with you the kind of things I write and use in my own practice.



  1. I really like this. Is it possible that I can copy for myself to help me with my own travels?

    1. If you want to, sure, I'd be honored. But this was also meant to show people how easy it is to write something usable for yourself. It's a simple meter, simple rhyme scheme... I encourage you to write your own, too, when you have a purpose no one has written anything for. =)

  2. In a very cool way, as I read this, I heard the tune. Although I am unfamiliar with the tune it was definitely there in my mind. I don't know if that's something you intended...but I felt you should know. Keep up the beautiful work. :) Blessed Be

    1. To what tune are you referring? Do you mean the meter of the poem? All poems written with meter should be noticeable when read aloud. I did intend it to be metered and rhyming, as that's how I wrote it. If you mean something like a musical "tune," no, there is not one to this, it is just a poem I wrote by speaking it aloud and then copying it down later. Many tunes do have the same meter as basic poems, though, so I'm sure you could sing this to many different tunes if you wanted, but I didn't write it to be sung, no.

  3. Thanks Cara, this is a lovely poem / prayer - Ellen (or Helen as I know her) has been my goddess or lady, and Herne, her consort, my god or lord - they are the companions on my path, representing between them the Earth and its ancient and mystical ways, the green woods and wild places, and the wide and wilder skies, Earth mother and Sky father together. Do visit my hernelen facebook page, please.

    1. Thank you for commenting! I do address her as Elen as that's how I became familiar with her, but my vehicle is named after her more Roman aspect--Helena. =) I chose this because my car is red and represents to me the more boisterous facets, haha.