15 January, 2017

Blog Got a Refresher!

Hello, Readers!

I'm looking into some new platforms for my online business, so I may very well end up moving some things to a new site if I figure out something awesome that I really like. But for now, this blog got a tune-up!

Today I refreshed and updated the FAQ page, the About Me and Personal Path pages (basically just bringing them up to date with how old I am now, updating the number of subscribers I have, etc.), AND...

I totally reorganized my Readings page!

I got rid of some of the readings options, because I recognize that there were just TOO MANY to choose from. There are still quite a few, but the ones that are left are organized differently now, so people can choose based on the kind of question they need to answer or the type of reading they want. It narrows it down much more quickly and easily, I think. Do you need a year-long card reading? Something simple and quick? Maybe something more like a traditional tarot spread? Perfect! Look for the type of reading you need, and see which one, two, or three fall under that category!

I also added screen shots of the steps to get your reading using PayPal, to help make that process a little bit easier, as well. =)

Phew! I'm ready for a break!


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