11 June, 2012

Christian Day knows I exist.

One of my viewers just commented on my “SHIT PEOPLE SAY” video asking me if I knew that Christian Day just shared it on Facebook.


My first thought: oh shit, now someone famous in the pagan community knows I exist and I barely know enough about them to form an opinion, oh shit, what. WHAT. WHY.


Turns out, I have Jason Philip to thank for posting it first, because it appears that Mr. Day (“The World’s Most Famous Warlock”) linked it from him. So thanks, Jason! I don’t know who you are either, unfortunately! Also, Christian Day thinks I’m in high school. Just like everyone else. I LOOK very young, but I’m 21, and I made this video during my senior year of undergraduate school but have since graduated. I’ll be 22 this summer. =)

At least Lecia knew I was in college at the time! But yes, I have since graduated, still look young, and yeah. Some people actually make snide comments about lineage, especially to us solitaries. What can you do? Make a video about it so people know they’re not alone. Basically. =P


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