28 June, 2012

Late Starts

My house is noisy. All day long, someone is either blasting music, watching TV way too loud, speaking loudly, or otherwise preventing me from being able to do sound-sensitive things. For me, such things include recording videos, watching videos (though this is easier because I can use headphones), reading, sitting down to concentrate on anything, meditating, and definitely doing circle. I don't need complete silence, but I'd rather not have some action movie shooting off in the next room or have people talking while I'm trying to invoke. You know? You know. I'm sure you do.

So, once again I was planning on waiting until people went to bed to have circle tonight. I haven't had a waxing moon circle in a while and there were some things I wanted to address. However, my mother is home from the hospital now (which is good news!) and she stays up about as late as I do and then yells at me to go to bed, which is what just happened about five minutes ago. It's nearly 3:00am. I could very well do circle NOW, since I've had to wait until the wee hours before, but I AM tired and wanted to take a shower first, and we do have to get up and do things tomorrow.

So I still don't know yet whether I will shower and/or do ritual after I get offline.

Tomorrow, I'm not sure of all the things we're doing, but I need to get a few more supplies for my jewelry because we have a craft sale this weekend that I have to stock up for. My cousin (the only other Wiccan in my family, with whom I have never done anything because she moved across the country years ago, around when I began practicing, unfortunately) asked if I could make her a Tree of Life pendant (she was looking online and found one but would rather pay me than a stranger) and I've been wanting to try it, so she gave me the boost I needed to do it! I really like how my first one turned out and now she wants one exactly like it, so I need to get more stuff in order to make even more to sell at the sale and on Etsy. I'm hoping those could become a big seller, like my Beady Buddies seem to be doing right now but they only cost $2.00. =)

Anyway, do you ever have to postpone rituals or do them VERY LATE or very early, or in some way wiggle your schedule around it, in order to have the conditions you feel necessary? I bet having my own house someday will help.


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  1. Oh yes, espescially when I was living with my mother. She like to drink and party. Some times I would be up until 4am doing ritual or spell work.