29 June, 2012

Good Questions!

I responded to a girl on tumblr looking to talk to someone about Wicca, and she had some good questions. I didn't think to keep them for my records until now, so for reference, she first asked what Wiccans believe about the afterlife (which I said varied by individual but the common belief is Summerland and/or reincarnation), why I chose Wicca/paganism, and how long I've been practicing.

Second part of my response, which is all that came back to me because I answered her in two parts:
And I've been practicing officially for about eight years. The exact date is debatable. Started studying around age 12. By then I had realized Catholicism (how I was raised) wasn't answering the questions I had & didn't agree with my ideas, so I was looking for the name of what I believed. My cousin & the TV introduced me to the idea of Wicca, and when I looked into it I realized it fit. I studied for several years before I felt comfortable saying I was Wiccan, but I'm nearly 22 now.
New question:
Ah, I see. Thank you so much for answering those questions. What did you find interesting about Wicca so much at a young age? I must admit, I’ve been learning about it for a couple years myself.
My response:
Wow, good question! I don't think I've been asked that before. I've always thought perhaps too much about things, but what I was interested in then (and still am now) were a few main things. In Wicca and much of paganism, men and women are equally important. That's a big deal. Also, I didn't see why I couldn't talk directly to God, and Wicca and paganism are a lot about direct connection and personal experience. And it's very much my own path, not following someone else's way, which suits me.

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